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Five, okay wait six, miracle products that I can’t live without


Everyone has their holy grail products right? The things that always have and always will be absolute staples. I love trying new things, I’m constantly on the lookout for anything new and exciting but when I find something that works, and works well, I stick with it.

I can almost guarantee that every single female who knows me will be able to tell exactly what is on this list before scrolling down because I rave about them so often. Without fail, every single pre-drink session in my room ends with me spraying everyone with number 3 and coating everyone’s lips in number 4. I push these products on the people in my life so frequently, you’d think I had shares in the companies.
I don’t, just FYI, and this also isn’t a Hashtag Ad; I’ve not been sent any of them for free, (lol i wish) I just genuinely love them and when I find a product I love, I tell everyone about it.


  1. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
    I suffered pretty badly with insomnia for most of last year and after trying everything I finally found the one thing that will send me off to sleep so unbelievably quickly that if I didn’t know better I’d swear it has chloroform or something in it because this stuff knocks. me. out.
    In typical Hurricane Turner fashion, I didn’t discover it like a normal person, but in fact, I was babysitting one night and sat on the bed to read the girl a bedtime story: she coated her pillow in the deep sleep spray and next thing I knew, I was being woken an hour an a half later by my phone ringing. Oops.
    Top quality babysitting skills or what? (I swear I am much more responsible than this paragraph would suggest should anyone with children be reading this)
    So I obviously went out and ordered it immediately, and fair warning; it is pricey but I have been using it every night for about a year and my insomnia (despite the odd night every now and again) is pretty much gone! If that’s not a miracle products, I don’t know what is.
    Buy it here11543252172830
  2. Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment
    Genuinely a miracle worker. This stuff works on everything. I mean seriously. I put it on sunburn, spots, eczema, bug bites, rashes, chapped lips, you name it. Slap on a big blob and whatever it is, it’s gone by morning.
    I literally have so many pots of this stuff; one on my bedside table that I use every evening, one in my travel bag (because when I go away and realise that I have forgotten it, I am PISSED) and a little mini pot that I’ve scooped out and keep in my handbag. So you can believe that I’m not exaggerating when I say I use it on everything.
    Word of advice though; it’s oily AF so if you’re putting it on your face, it’s best to do it overnight otherwise you’ll look like you bathed in a chip pan.
    Stock up here


  3. Urban Decay Up All Night Setting Spray
    My face eats makeup. Absolutely sucks it up; I can put a full face in at 9am and it’s gone by midday.
    As an actress, that is fairly problematic, especially when I’m shooting outdoors and I’ve been told multiple times that I’m pretty much every MUA’s worst nightmare. (thanks guys, love you too)
    But Urban Decay’s setting spray is the best thing I’ve found to help massively prolong the inevitable.
    It’s also an absolute godsend for sweaty nights out on the dance floor, by absolutely drenching my face in this, my makeup is finally seeing me until 4am.
    Grab it here


  4. Rimmel Lipstick Lock
    I’m a huge fan of a bold lip on a night out. I also love a cocktail or 5. I’m also the biggest klutz/idiot/bombscare in the world and without lipstick lock I end it up with it (and inevitably my 3am McDonalds, but I doubt there’s a products that can stop that) smeared all over my face. This stuff does exactly what it says on the tin. Your lipstick is locked. on. for the night. The payoff is that it is pretty drying but whap some carmex in your bag along with you and you’re good to go.
    Pick it up here844c23f17c504c95a3acaa2769d56ebd__33721.1540909431
  5. Neom Organics London – Stress Relief Pulse Point
    I’m going to be totally honest, I don’t quite know where this came from.
    Did I buy it? Did I get it as a gift? Did it come in a beauty box? Who knows!? But I found it in my makeup box, which is a complete black hole of products, decided to try it and it now does not leave my handbag.
    I stress a lot, I also get anxious a lot, a lot, and this is such a lovely little product full of lavender, jasmine and other essential oils that you roll on wrists, temples and behind the ears. Then take a second to take a few deep breaths while the relaxing aromas stop you from spontaneously combusting.
    It really does help calm me down and I’ve found myself using it most days and I guess other people agree because it is currently, and often, sold out, but you can sign up through this link to be notified when it’s back in stock.

    mooncup taglia b_650X650_90_C

  6. Mooncup
    Okay so I couldn’t narrow it down to six and apologies because this is quite possibly TMI but seriously this has been a game changer.
    It saves you money; a one off £20 as opposed to spending a fortune on tampons each month. It saves the environment; In our lifetime, each of us will use more than 11,000 disposable sanitary products, adding to the the 45 billion feminie hygenie porducts that are disposed of each year. And it saves you from stressing about leaking or, you know, dying of TSS. Which is always nice.
    I’m not going to lie, getting it in and out takes getting used to. And oh my god the first time I tried to get it out with fake nails on was horrific. But you get used to it, and once it’s up there (sorry) you genuinely do just forget about it. It’s much less hassle, much cheaper, we’re saving the planet and there’s no risk of death. I’d call that a win.
    Get it here
    (this link is for size B which is what I use as it’s for women who have not given birth, size A is for women that have or are over 30 so have a read up before choosing the one that is best for you!)

Honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the list:

Face Halo – It’s the handiest thing ever. Rather than packing endless products when going away for the weekend I just shove this in my bag. It completely removes all traces of makeup using just water and is really kind a gentle if you’ve got sensitive skin like mine. It’s also really great for those nights when you really cannot be bothered with the full cleanse, tone, moisturise ritual before bed (and even more so for those drunken nights where you’re tempted to go to bed with the full face of makeup on.) This takes care of it all in seconds and is quickly becoming a staple of mine!
hblife Bamboo Bathtub Caddy – I realise that this makes me sound exactly like the 80 year old that I secretly am but I actually love this thing. I love a bubble bath, more than almost anything else in the world. And this is probably the best thing I’ve purchased this year. It came with a little bath pillow, it’s got a little wine glass holder, a slot for my phone (because I have dropped a total of 5 phones in the tub, so this is obviously a necessity) and a place to put your laptop/tablet for Netflix binges. As if I needed an excuse to spend longer hogging the bathroom. Sorry flatmates! (not really sorry)

I need to stop now because this was supposed to be five and there’s already eight, and to be completely be honest, I have more and this could quite easily end up being thesis length. I’m a mess!
Let me know if I missed any of your must have products! Or if you try out any of my recommendations!




4 thoughts on “Five, okay wait six, miracle products that I can’t live without”

  1. I loved this review post! I honestly have never tried any of the products listed here but I have been looking for a new setting spray to try. My makeup also fades, dries up, runs, etc. by midday so maybe the Urban Decay spray will work for me too! Thanks for this!


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