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My New Year Resolutions (Yes, I am aware that it is April)


I know. It’s not a new year any more. But anyone who knows me will tell you that I have the worst timekeeping on the planet. Clearly this stretches out to include my blog as well. Hey, at least I’m consistent!

To say that 2017 was not my year is an understatement. (I also know that last year was 2018, not 2017 but stay with me here)
I’m not really one for resolutions, other than the cliched (and definitely halfhearted) ‘I’m going to join the gym!’ ‘I’m going to eat healthy!’ ‘I’m going to stop snoozing my alarm 500 times when I wake and be a morning person!’ etc etc.
But I was determined, going into 2018, that I would set proper, positive, resolutions and actually stick to them. Start the year as you mean to go on and all that.

I’d been in such an awful place and in such a rut that I resolved to do one new/scary thing each month of the year, and to try and force myself to step out of my comfort zone. And yes, I did my usual and ran out of steam (and time and money) about half way through. But it was amazing while it lasted. For example; in February I traveled to New York by myself for 10 days, (more about that in another post) in March I started learning to drive, in July I went on my very first Tinder date and many more things ranging from sensible to ridiculous.

The joys of solo travelling: having to act candid AF for the gram when it’s actually a complete stranger taking your photo. Casual. Super casual.

Forcing myself to do a new, scary thing each month meant that I was a) having something different and exciting to look forward to, and b) feeling like I’d actually achieved something, which was, in turn, bringing back the positive outlook that I used to have before I became a stressed and moany cow all of the time.
It might have just been a little thing to some, but starting my weekends with a driving lesson at 9am each Saturday, instead of my usual sleep until noon then mope around the house until about the evening when I’d go for drinks and then spend the Sunday hungover, meant that when that hour was over, I’d come home feeling energetic and with a sense of achievement, setting me up to have a much more positive, and far more productive weekend than I had ever had before.

It was great, and as the year went on, my general well being went up. So in 2019, I’m sticking to a similar theme;

1 – Accomplish something each month
Big or small. Just something to be proud of. It makes a huge difference when you look back on the year and see how much you’ve actually done.
I’m starting off well. I forced myself to do a (very rushed and panicky) UCAS application in January. And despite this being the 4th time in my life I have started that process, this year I actually finished and submitted it, applying to University! And in February I was offered a place at each of the Universities I interviewed for and have now accepted an unconditional offer! It’s something I never thought I would do so it’s a pretty fulfilling start to the year.

2 – Say ‘Yes’ to more
But also be comfortable saying ‘no’ more (without feeling guilty about it) I am a classic over-thinker and despite being so unbelievably busy with a million jobs and obligations, I have this fabulous knack of accepting more work and more responsibility just because I have a complete and total inability to say ‘no’ to anyone. And I wonder why I’m stressed?
I’m also pretty bad for talking myself out of saying ‘yes’ to the fun stuff. And I want that to change this year. More spontaneous trips away, more random nights out, less extra shifts.

3 – Work less, live more
See above. And be better about taking advantage of my days off and not spending every single one curled up under the duvet. I’m lucky enough to be living in an incredible city, and I really do not make the most of it. This year I want to explore the parts of the city I’ve yet to visit, enjoy the pop-up events that don’t happen anywhere else, and eat my way around the all of the food markets. I’m hoping that this blog will be the kick up the butt I need to do this. I’ve started doing this a little and you can read a review of my first blogging event here!

4 – Make more time for self care
The upside to having a bit of a rough time, is that you get to know what really works for you so that when you have an off day, you know how to combat it. For me, it’s cleaning (anyone reading this who knows me has probably just laughed out loud in disbelief as I am notoriously messy) but I’ve come to realise that the phrase ‘tidy space, tidy mind’ really works for me. I can have a proper good scrub and a clean and then at the end, relax in a uncluttered and calm environment. Without realising it, my mood has shifted.
Bubble baths and sleep also really help. Sticking some candles and a solid ‘Best of Broadway’ playlist on, soaking in the tub then having an early night really does work wonders.

5 – Curb (hah) my Uber addiction
(it’s a serious problem)

And of course the standard…

6 – Save. Save. Save
(I have been incredibly adult and set up a budget/spreadsheet thing. It’s all very grown up)

7 – Actually go to the gym
I’ve yet to step foot in the gym that I joined a year and a half ago. So either go, or quit. One or the other. Just stop bloody paying.

I starting writing this post on New Years Eve and now that I’ve come back to it, I have generally been sticking to (most of!) my resolutions! (Sorry Uber and Gym) Which is a massive surprise, (obviously not the uber and gym part) so here’s hoping it lasts!

I think the main thing I’ve come to realise over the past few years, is that you can have rubbish circumstances and crappy things happen to you, but how it affects the rest of you year really comes down to you. I used to be an annoyingly, overwhelmingly positive person, despite anything life threw my way. I’m hoping that by writing everything down, and by setting positive, doable resolutions, that person will continue to come back. We’ll see!

Anyway, Happy New Mid Year!


Where I spent actual New Years.

Have you broken yours yet? Manged to stick to them all? Let me know in the comments!

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