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YoungLDN review – A glowing quick fix for busy London life

Despite my best efforts, I was unable to smuggle either a cushion or a footstool home. Bummer.

Confession: I’ve never had a facial.

I’ve always wanted one but they’re fairly pricey (if you want it to be half decent) and I didn’t think they would do anything that couldn’t be achieved by my £5 a pot, Sunday night, at home, face mask.
(spoiler: I was, obviously, very wrong)

I also have an insanely busy life; I’m currently working a ridiculous amount, and when I’m not, I’m either sleeping or trying to cram some semblance of a social life into the gaps. And so I’ve never really been able to justify spending an hour+ lying down and paying someone to slather stuff on my face.

But when YoungLDN invited me to try out a 20-minute facial at their peel bar, it definitely piqued my interest and so I headed along to see what all the fuss was about!

Set in the heart of Notting Hill, and hoping to revolutionise the world of skincare and beauty, Young LDN was founded by mother-of-two Sue Carroll who was looking for somewhere her teenagers could learn to look after their skin. Realising that such a place didn’t exist, YoungLDN was born to cater to men and women of all ages but specifically the teens and young adults of today.

Pretty much the definition of mirror goals

As you can see, the interior is absolutely gorgeous and I was welcomed in by the fabulous ‘tribe’ and introduced to Bianka, who would be doing my treatment. According to their website, which has really cute little bios about each person on the team, Bianka is a Slovakian skincare expert, makeup artist and nail enthusiast who is fluent in 4 Languages. (Which is seriously impressive. I struggle to speak English coherently most days)

The Peel Lounge promises to Hydrate, Detox, refresh and brighten your skin in just 20-minutes, with bespoke facial peels tailored to your skin type and needs. I settled down into my chair while Bianka asked why I was there.

I’ve been having a lot of issues with my skin recently, (and have written a massive post moaning about it that will be published next week) but my main problems are cystic acne, dullness (I’m practically grey right now) and the sudden, and devastating, appearance of some very prominent forehead wrinkles. Curse my ridiculously expressive face.

She gave me a lot of information about where I’m going wrong and recommended treatments for the future, including a trip to ‘The Lab (more on that later) whilst talking me through each step in the process as she was doing it, it was really interesting to hear exactly why my skin was being quite so problematic as I’ve come to realise that I’m pretty clueless. 

She asked what products I use and then explained that a lot of the ‘cosmetic’ type brands are actually not that great for you, as rather than being absorbed and properly getting to work, they just sit on top of your skin and don’t really do much at all. Exactly what you want to hear when you’ve just purchased a giant skincare haul!

At this point I was bracing myself for the hard sell; the majority of the time, you go into places like this and they push their products onto you to an absolutely insane degree. When you’re stuck in a chair with nothing to do but listen, it can be easy to get forced into shelling out for a load of products that you neither want nor need. I am especially bad at this, I feel so ridiculously awkward saying no over and over that I inevitably end up giving in just to end the torture.

But Bianka was literally the exact opposite, obviously she recommended products that they sell, of course she did, but it genuinely seemed to come from a place of ‘I actually think this will work for you’ rather than ‘I work on commission and really need to sell this stuff.’

As I mentioned, I had just restocked all of my skincare stash (why does everything seem to run out at the same time?!) and before she even brought up her recommendations she started off with ‘You’ve just bought stuff, so obviously there’s no point in you getting more today, that would just be a waste, but use them up and when it starts to run out, come back and we can talk through the problems you’re having and work out what would be best for you.

Right away, that’s just massive brownie points from me, it shows that she has a genuine knowledge and passion about skincare and truly wants what’s best for clients, rather than just a quick sale. It was really great customer service and one of the (many) reasons that I will absolutely be back to take her up on that.

Obsessed with these chairs


Once we had finished, and despite that fact she knew I wasn’t going to buy anything this time, Bianka still took me over and talked me through little changes I could make and what type of products to search for to get the most out of my skincare routine in the future.

My skin definitely felt a lot smoother when I got out of the chair, and immediately looked as if it had brightened up massively. Once I got outside that glow was insane! And it lasted for ages!

I work as a Teaching Assistant in a Reception class (or Primary one for my fellow Scots) and quickly realised that spending 20 minutes putting slap on each morning is a complete waste, meaning that I generally spent the majority of my time bare-faced, at least when I’m around 4-year-olds. I haven’t quite reached the level of confidence to do the same when I’m with adults but, after my facial, I genuinely felt that I didn’t need it and even went out for dinner, drinks and to the theatre with only a slick of mascara on.
Anyone who knows me well will be able to tell you that I would not normally be caught dead in a nice restaurant without a shedload of foundation and concealer but honestly, my skin has rarely looked better.

I’ve been raving about YoungLDN to anyone that will listen, and my lovely friend Ali has already popped in for the same treatment I had and also loved it. We’re both going back to the ‘Lab;’ a dedicated skincare hub, to get a proper, in-depth skin analysis which promises to either combat acne, manage rosacea or turn back the hands of time (yes please!)

brb, just making this the new header image for my blog


‘Without the expected clinical feel, the Lab offers a non-intimidating, relaxing and tranquil environment, designed to ensure you receive the ultimate treatments from highly trained aestheticians, providing the best in expert skincare and advice. From nourishing air oxygen facials to collagen-producing 3D skin tightening, turning back your skin years has never been easier. With long-lasting laser toning, tissue repairing micro-needling, and acne management also on offer, whether you’re in for a quick fix or a long -term treatment plan, Young LDN has pulled out all the stops to cater to every personal skincare need.’

This sounds right up my street as I often feel like I’m blindly throwing products at my skin without really knowing what the problem or solution actually is.
I’m looking forward to finally finding exactly what I need to do to get my skin back to it’s best, of course with a cheeky facial afterwards as I’m definitely missing my glow now!

‘The 20’ is perfect for an event or a big night out if you don’t have the time to get a full hour-long facial, and as I’ve got a few exciting evenings coming up I’ll absolutely be adding a quick peel to my ‘day of’ getting ready routine!

Three weeks later, and still glowing strong!

As an extra bonus, and something that is incredibly important to me, all of the brands stocked are cruelty-free and the majority are also vegan, so you can truly have a guilt-free pamper! And there is even access to an expert Nutritional Therapist and a Consultant Dermatologist on hand should you need some advice, Young LDN literally ticks every box!

They’re currently offering 15% off of your first visit so click here to book before the appointments are snapped up by literally everyone I’ve come into contact with this past month, as I have not stopped bigging this place up since I stepped out the door!

I hope you love it as much as I did! Let me know if you try it out!





Disclaimer: I received a complimentary treatment in exchange for a review, but all views are my own.

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